I recently discovered Workflowy and have been using it for just over a week and really love it. I use it for task management but really it can do a lot more. At first glance it seems too simple, but you’ll quickly discover that is what makes it so good. It turns into a brilliant and intuitive outliner for your thoughts (great for getting tasks out of your head). Most importantly, it has one crucial feature that other outliners don’t get right: context.

I always found once I created a list of any size, I would start to get lost in it. I really only wanted to focus on one small part of it at a time, but would be overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. However at the same time, I did want everything in the same list. Quite the conundrum. Workflowy solves this really well by letting you zoom in and out of your lists, and by searching and tagging. 

So enough talk, go check it out. Make sure you use my link above so you get some additional space – and I do too 🙂