Time Management Training

The concept of corporate time management training for employees amuses me. The idea of sending employees off to time management training to make them more efficient is just bizarre. Why would an employee want to learn ways to work harder for the 8 or so hours they are at work and still get paid the same to do so?

Don’t get me wrong, making the most of your time is vitally important (its the one resource you can’t get more of). But, I don’t think shipping people off to time training management training is the solution. Fact is, you first need some motivation to make better use of your time. What exactly is it that you are trying to accomplish by being more efficient. Is it to handle an ever increasing work load? If so, that could be a losing battle.

In fact, I find time management training seems to fall into the trap of “paving the cow paths”. You tend to find ways to be more efficient in what you are doing, rather than assessing how important those things really are. Case in point, being more efficient in all your meetings …