The speculation meeting

You know the ones, where you all get together and “talk” about what you think is the problem and how it can be addressed, but no has actually come through with any concrete information or measurements. It must just be my personality type, but I find this unbearable. 

How the $#%! can you determine what is wrong if you don’t have as much information as possible at your disposal first? Even then, I’ve never been in a situation where such things were solved by a meeting. It is almost always due to the effort of a few people doing conclusive investigations and reporting back their findings and resolution.

Sure you can argue that the meeting can be used to plan what to do next. That’s fine, but that should take 10 minutes tops. Why the other 50+ minutes speculating? Putting a group of knowledgeable people in a meeting to solve a problem doesn’t work.

Real problems don’t get solved in meetings.