Talkers and Doers

I consider myself a doer (or at least like to think so) which means, I focus more on getting something going, rather than talking about it. So things like agile development and prototyping appeal to me as they allow me to “do” things, instead of talking about them. 

However, I think these qualities are actually separate states rather than one spectrum (with talkers at one end and doers at the other). There are times where talking about something is more important than what it is (aka marketing). People won’t buy or use things they don’t even know about, and you need talkers to promote those things.

Ideally for me I’d like these states to be a switch. I talk about the thing I’m building when required, and do things to actually build it when required. The folly is when you spend time in the wrong state at the wrong times. For example, you were too busy “doing things” instead of talking to people about what is required (and ignored some good ideas). Or, more commonly, you were busy talking about what you were going to do rather than actually doing it.