Titanium Studio: Can’t Install Updates

If you can’t get past the install updates prompts in Titanium Studio, it could be due to authentication issues with the underlying operating system.

For example, I have NOPASSWD: ALL set in my /etc/sudoers file on my mac (naughty, I know) however, this seems to really stuff up the automatic installer in Titanium Studio. I would click on the install button and get nothing – no response from the UI at all.

The only feedback in the system log was this:

praj : TTY=unknown ; 
PWD=/Applications/Titanium Studio/TitaniumStudio.app/Contents/MacOS; USER=root ; 

Once I took out that line in /etc/sudoers (and let it prompt me for a password when using sudo), I received the login dialog box and could continue with the install. Frustrating, but I hope this saves someone else a few hours of troubleshooting.

iOS simulator freezes to blank screen

I was having trouble getting the iOS 7.1 simulator to load properly. It would start but then just freeze on a blank screen (this is launched from Appcelerator Titanium but seemed to occur irrespective). Nothing would work – not even the Hardware -> Home button.

After a bit of investigation I found the following message when running ios-sim:

dyld: Library not loaded: 


Turns out I had set a different DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (to /usr/lib) in my profile (~/.profile) for Python and this was causing this behaviour. A quick way to check is to sudo as another user (e.g. sudo su as root) and run ios-sim and see if you get the same error without your profile loading.

Updating Titanium Studio

I’ve found the best way to update Titanium Studio on the mac anyway is through the command line.

To see the list of SDK versions:

ti sdk list --releases 

To install a version (and make it your default), e.g. 3.1.1.GA

ti sdk install 3.1.1.GA --force --default

To get more information about the command line and options, simply type:

$ ti