Vimium is a Chrome extension that makes your browser keyboard friendly. It’s actually very cool and lets you navigate a lot quicker around a web page than you would otherwise.

After you install it, the following shortcuts are particularly useful (note you need to be focused in the general page and not inside certain items for it to work).

  • shift + ? for help
  • shift + F (capital F) to open things in new windows
  • o to open things from browser history (esc to close this).
  • / for find
  • r to reload
  • esc to close modes

iPhone Stuck Keyboard

Turns out that if your iPhone is having stability issues, your keyboard can get stuck. For example when you swipe left at the first screen and bring up the search, then browse back, the keyboard doesn’t go away.

The fix is easy, just turn it on and off (standard technical support 101).