Titanium Studio: Can’t Install Updates

If you can’t get past the install updates prompts in Titanium Studio, it could be due to authentication issues with the underlying operating system.

For example, I have NOPASSWD: ALL set in my /etc/sudoers file on my mac (naughty, I know) however, this seems to really stuff up the automatic installer in Titanium Studio. I would click on the install button and get nothing – no response from the UI at all.

The only feedback in the system log was this:

praj : TTY=unknown ; 
PWD=/Applications/Titanium Studio/TitaniumStudio.app/Contents/MacOS; USER=root ; 

Once I took out that line in /etc/sudoers (and let it prompt me for a password when using sudo), I received the login dialog box and could continue with the install. Frustrating, but I hope this saves someone else a few hours of troubleshooting.