Short Posts

I’m intentionally trying to keep my posts short. The younger generations get a lot of flack for this, apparently our short attention span means we don’t read much anymore and ignore things because we can’t focus. I disagree, if anything, I blame mass-media and advertising for diminishing our attention spans. But enough on that.

The argument is silly. Think newspapers (back in the day people used to get their news on printed sheets of paper), and very few people would actually read an entire newspaper. The general approach was to skim for interesting headlines, read a paragraph or two, and then decide if it was worthwhile continuing. Now think about how that applies to the whole Internet. There’s a lot of stuff out there, so most people, understandably┬ádon’t want to read a rambling essay.

Another thing about the Internet (and it’s true advantage) is that you can read a few paragraphs about something, and even if that’s the end of the article, you can research and find out more on the relevant topic. You simply don’t need to write all that will ever be written on a subject anymore.