Netbeans for PHP Development

Turns out for serious PHP development, Netbeans is great (yes, even on the Mac):

  • The PHP integration is comprehensive, especially for things like syntax highlighting/code-folding/syntax checking, navigating code, and looking up documentation. 
  • There is good support for all the related file types you need to work with like HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, SQL. 
  • It integrates nicely with Git (and supports several other version control systems). 
  • There are some nifty plugins (and a few you should turn off if you don’t use them).
  • So far it is the only IDE I’ve found with a decent PHP debugger integration using Xdebug. 
  • Most importantly it isn’t too clunky! Nothing worse than a slow development environment.

One thing that sucks is the dreary soul-crushing enterprise black-text-on-white-background theme. But that’s easily fixed with this Twilight Theme from NetTuts+. It’s a shame its not the default.

If you’re still not sold, check out the list of other major IDEs at NetTuts+.