Negativity creeps up on you

One thing I’ve learned (particularly from my career) is that negativity creeps up on you. For a while you’re happy with what you are doing, then you start noticing things that are annoying but bearable, and before long, you seem to be against everything and irritated by everyone around you. 

I compare it to putting on weight. If you aren’t regularly checking your weight (and doing something to manage it), then before you know it, you’ve put on 10kg. You can’t quite pin exactly how it happened (it was a combination of factors), and now you have a real problem/challenge on your hands.

I feel the solution to countering this negativity cycle is similar to managing weight (and many other things that can creep up on you like debt, and not pursing your goals).

  • Step 1: implement a habit to measure it honestly. This is to make you aware of patterns that may indicate a problem.
  • Step 2: implement habit(s) to change course on a daily basis. Figure out what you need to do to counteract the situation and, well, do it. Also, make sure you aren’t sabotaging your efforts by ensuring your proposed changes are in alignment with the rest of your life.

The steps themselves are easy understand. Finding out what you need to do is also generally straightforward. The hard part is consistency. That’s why both steps are habits. You need to ingrain them into your life, so they have the opportunity to make a fundamental change.

Easy to say, hard to do, harder still to keep doing.