Mastering your time

Came across this article the other day, a fun and important reminder of doing things that are important (taking control of your time) rather than those that are urgent (letting others control your time):

It’s harder to do than you would think, and you can sabotage yourself in subtle ways e.g.

  • Do you catch yourself waiting on things to pop up in your inbox/im/social network/etc to guide what you are going to do next?
  • Do you find your days are full of “fire-fighting”? Moving from one urgent task to the next, without considering what’s actually important?
  • When you have a chunk of time free, do you have a clear plan about what to do next?
  • Can you justify why you are doing the thing you are currently doing? How does it match up to your goals and what you want to achieve?
  • Have you done something, anything to contribute towards achieving your most important goal today?

The other great reminder from this is that there is limitless number of stormtroopers – urgent tasks that will come your way. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can just get one more thing done before starting what’s important …