Excess Data Usage Charges

As you may know, most Telco’s have additional charges for mobile data usage. Some of these Telcos (yes I’m looking at you Telstra), have decided that the web page to tell you how much data you’ve used doesn’t have to be all that accurate. Sure it’s a couple days behind but that never hurt anyone …

I’m sorry, but if you filled up at a fuel station where the bowser kinda “guessed” how much fuel you put in your car, and you only found out you were $10 over when you went to pay, you’d be royally pissed right?

Sure, the Telcos will argue about the difficultly of keeping data usage information up to the minute. That’s fine, but if they truly can’t measure data usage that accurately (funny the accounting department doesn’t have any trouble), then how about giving us all some grace –

Dear Sir/Madam, we aren’t really sure how much data you’ve used, and you only went over in the last few days of the quota period so we won’t charge you for it.

Of course, its clear why they do this. It is very difficult to use 100% of your quota without going over. That way they save on bandwidth for every single customer, while still getting full payment based on 100% usage. Very sneaky.