With the way things are going in the software and IT industry, I think there’s a strong case for a new role:


These are developers who also contribute to the design, implementation and management of systems that not only assist with development (e.g. revision control, development environments, integrated testing), but also contribute to system administration related duties for production systems such as web applications and database management.

Why have such a role? Well, in a lot of cases, it is the developer and not so much the system administrator that has the knowledge and insight about any customised systems deployed. They are often uniquely placed to provide guidance on areas such as system configuration and performance tuning.

I know in smaller companies, developer’s naturally assume such roles (due to necessity). Perhaps, in bigger companies, such roles need to be formally identified?

Update: I think there is a very similar term that is starting to be used around the place which is “DevOps”. Same idea, although I like “DevAdmins” better as it links the role of a “developer” and a “system administrator” together better.